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he just really likes dogs let him live

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"When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to stop."

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Don’t let tumblr trick you into thinking that the moon is not gay

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❝ I believe that Collins’ construction of Rue as the symbol of innocence meant that some readers automatically imagined her as White. After all, in what universe is an older Black tween innocent? Certainly not in American schools, with the often noted discipline gap. Certainly not in contemporary children’s literature, where Black kids and teens are underrepresented… and when they do appear, are sometimes viewed as “unlikeable” or “unrelatable.”

Collins also makes the grave mistake of stating from Katniss’ point of view that Rue reminds her of her younger sister, Prim. Prim is a much more familiar figure in children’s literature — the guileless, golden girl child often is the counterweight that balances the evil that the protagonist must overcome, and The Hunger Games is no exception. What is different is that while trapped in the Game, Rue becomes Katniss’ Prim, a younger companion who shares in the existential threat until she is overcome by it.

This was too much for some readers to take. ❞
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In which they realize they don’t have to pretend at all

Disguises are always a self-portrait by  (~6k)

Sherlock drummed his fingers on the arm rest irritably. “We might as well get our stories straight. Homosexuals, even alleged ones, tend to be more personal than heterosexual couples. ” They were headed to a Pride Fest for a case-triple suicide/murder- which, of course mean they had to pretend to be couple. 

Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by  (~30k)

“You love your mother, Sherlock?”

John watched the muscles in Sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk.

“Then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” John let out a resigned sigh. “As a ruddy couple, you bastard.”

Midnight Blue Serenity by  (~152k)

When Sherlock infiltrates a club in order to track down a serial killer, his altered appearance is enough to make John question his assumption that Sherlock is beyond his reach. However, is he the only one who appreciates his flatmate’s charms, or is Sherlock at risk of becoming the next victim? 

There’s Not A Place On Earth I’d Rather Be Than Here by  (~6k)

Sherlock and John go undercover as a couple to a ball, to provide suitable evidence to convict a killer. There’s dancing, and kissing, and something about a murder.

Rainbow Hearts Retreat by  (~11k)

"It’s a same-sex couples retreat. For those experiencing troubles in their relationship. Consists of group and couples therapy as well as encouraging socialization between the couples. It’s all in their incredibly dull brochure."

"Rainbow Hearts Retreat," John read. "Sounds… quite gay."

The Pretence of an Unacknowledged Truth by  (~28k)

Omegaverse. He’s decided to just be himself, cliché as it sounds. The lie about being Sherlock’s mate will be difficult enough to keep up, he’s not going to think up more of a charade regarding himself on top of that.

If he uses the wrong fork at dinner, fine. If someone calls him on it, he’ll just stab them with it. Job done

A Cure For Boredom by  (~80k)

They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas by  (~53k)

It’s the holiday season. John Watson needs money. Sherlock Holmes needs something else.

A Case of Identity by  (~91k)

John and Sherlock have succeeded in rebuilding their friendship after Sherlock’s fake suicide, but an unusual case puts their relationship to the test. They pretend to be engaged and attend a marriage counseling workshop. Under the pretext of the case, Sherlock turns out to be a master of seduction, and John finally learns he might like Sherlock more than he thought. Slowly, John discovers that he loves Sherlock not only in a friendly, brotherly way, but both men have to fight their own demons before they can think of taking their relationship to a new level…

The Norwood Love Builders by  (~48k)

Sherlock and John go undercover to solve the murder of Joanna Oldacre, but things are complicated by the many feelings John has been repressing in the wake of Sherlock’s faked death and return.

Once More, With Feeling by  (~21k)

To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues.

Winter’s Delights, by Kate Lear (~21k)

Sherlock takes John home for Christmas to meet the extended Holmes family.

Richard Ayoade on 50 Shades of Grey trailer

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say those three words and i’m yours

Johnlock is endgame

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@DarkMatterRage is #NotProud of the co-optation of Pride and the depoliticization of the white cis gay agenda.

Solidarity to all the trans, queer, PoC, &/ low income folks experiencing micro and macro agressions this Pride season. Keep the resistance alive!

To continue the conversation follow DarkMatter on Twitter and Facebook
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am proud to be able to be reading about anti-pride at Darkmatter’s open mic event on the 28th. 

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The Princess Bride, Moffat, and TJLC


In my reading, TJLCers!

If you didn’t know, one of Moffat’s favorite movies (and books) is The Princess Bride:

I’d recommend reading The Princess Bride. It’s a wonderful book; it’s about storytelling. It’s supposedly him adapting a story his father used…

This is your heart … and you should never let it rule your head.


i think the main reason why i love cap is because he jumped on the grenade. that was the best, bravest, most wonderful, selfless, amazing thing. he was just gonna save them. he was going to die in boot camp because that’s how brave he was. and tommy lee jones was wrong and stanely tucci was right. cap is so brave and good, and true. i love him, he is amazing. he has the sweetest most honest heart, he is amazing. his weapon is a shield. a shield, that’s his weapon. i’m crying

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You wrote ‘still has trust issues’…

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